Tuesday, July 30, 2013

catching up

 This week is all about "catching up" for me. Emails, washing, cleaning to name a few things that need attention! This space has been neglected but - I've got an exciting review and giveaway coming up this week! I'm excited!

In other news, the travelling stash box arrived at my house last week, I picked a few treasures and replaced them with some pieces from my stash. The kids wanted me to keep the whole box, but I made a restrained choice. Bag handles, some colourful buttons, a wee bit of fabric and some embroidered linens.

We visited a few extra op shops on our school holiday travels, including my all time favourite one. All the clothes there are $1 except for jackets which are $2! I always find some amazing clothes there and for $1 it's hard to go wrong. I picked up a very cool silk shirt that is undergoing a transformation as we speak.

I found some amazing fabrics for bargain prices! I always feel less guilty about adding to my stash if they haven't cost me the earth.

I found a pair of vintage sheets in original packaging! So starchy and crisp and of course well folded, it was a shame to wash them. But they looked amazing out on the washing line. I also bought an "unfinished cardigan", which actually equated to around 900g of pure New Zealand wool, once I had "frogged" it! For $5 it also included two sets of knitting needles, the best buy over the last few weeks.

I'm joining in with Max again with the Op-shop show-off. Do go and check out all the other amazing finds! 


  1. ooh the deer fabric is ace!
    a dollar an item is brilliant, and i bet they always have new stock because it turns over so quickly at that price x

  2. oh fun! those buttons are gorgeous - lucky they weren't in there when I received it or they wouldn't have made it to your place. great finds :o)

  3. Gosh that op- shop looks and sounds amazing! Yay for finding goodies that you likes in the box...especially those buttons! x

  4. Great Op Shop bargains there Louana - you lucky girl :-) Love those buttons in that box & also those doilies just peeping thru.

  5. Love the vintage sheeted and embroidered linen! I am sure I had signed up for the travelling stash box but have not heard anything - any ideas on who I contact for further info?

  6. Lovely, lovely finds! I know the "1$ without guilt adding to the stash" feeling :-). Nice fabric is so hard to resist!


  7. You're on a roll with the good finds. Lovely bits of travelling stash there too - the bag handles are a great find!

  8. OMGoodness your sheets and op shopped wool find - sooooooooo good !! !! !! !!


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