Thursday, May 2, 2013

one little ......

ok the third Indian isn't that little, ahem.

I was planning a wee tutorial for these Native American Indian inspired headbands. But the weather hasn't been the best for photo taking and my subjects were not so willing. I'm pretty sure that they don't really need a tutorial anyway. They are super easy project for little ones and not so little ones too.

I was trying to find enough natural feathers for this project for a softer, muted, more "nature" inspired look, but seems our local birds just don't drop that many feathers! But luckily the local dollar stores sell packets of feathers, the kids chose the brightly coloured ones, and I chose the white, to blend in with the few natural feathers I found.

Just cut a piece of card to shape any shape you like. The cardboard needs to be the type from a "box" that has the corrugations in the centre.
Decorate however you want, stick some feathers in the corrugations! Staple a piece of elastic on each end, making sure the bumpy part of the staples are on the outside so they don't scratch any wee faces.
As easy as that!  The kids loved doing them and wore them on our trip into town where they got lots of compliments! I left mine at home, but I was kind of wishing I hadn't after all the compliments they got!


  1. Love them, especially yours! You've got that tribal pattern thing DOWN. Bet you could if totally worked it round town, too. Next time?

  2. Ummm I'm just wow wow wow over the top photo flashing wow I want to know how to do that!

    Very creative

  3. Hi Louana - they are rather lovely but I especially Love your one in the natural colours. Yes I definately think you should wear it to town next trip!!!! Julie :-)

  4. Super cool headbands! I hope you wear yours next time! x


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