Thursday, May 9, 2013

market + wee giveaway

When I was in Christchurch for Around the table, there was an amazing market on the Friday night. There was a huge array of talented crafters and designers there, seriously. Each table seemed to be filled with things I wanted to take home with me.  I was restrained by the cash I had in my wallet and that was probably a good thing. 

 I love this brooch by Little Fritter. I was taken by two brooches, this one that features some sweet liberty fabric and the other was an acrylic one shaped like a fantail. I wanted both, but after a lengthy decision I decided on this one, I can always buy the one from the Little Fritter shop!

 I loved everything from In my backyard, Stella and I both bought a print and some fabric scraps too - such copycats aren't we? I loved the wee scrap packs, mainly because I'm a terrible fabric hoarder. I just hate cutting into beautiful fabric, but you see the cutting has already been done! So I can happily use these pretty wee pieces.

I didn't buy this one, but it was included in the great goodie bag from Around the table. The super generous Emma from Emma Makes donated a notebook and pencil for each blogger attending the conference. Super duper generous I say! Check out her lovely Emma Makes shop.

And I know all of you NZ bloggers who missed out on attending Around the table, are feeling totally left out after all these posts popping up about what an amazing event it was. Here's you chance to feel (in a small way) like you were there. I've got the above items to pop in the post for a NZ blogger who didn't make it and would like a goodie bag of their own! The first comment of "yes please" will get the lot. My favourite thing would have to be the cool postcard by Stella! "I'm kind of a big deal on my blog"

*Open to NZ bloggers only, first comment by a blogger who didn't attend Around the table will win!  Giveaway closed
Congratulations to Sally!


  1. It was a great market wasn't it and a fab goodie bag! Lovely giveaway Louana - don't include me of course! :)

  2. I would have loved to have gone (although I think it might have been a wee bit scary at first too!) So if no one else has said it - "Yes Please" Sally :)

  3. Dang!! Shoulda got up earlier!!!

  4. that is such a wonderful thing to do :o)

  5. um, how kind are you, louana? what a beautiful thing to offer! so glad you had a lovely time at the conference.


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