Friday, June 1, 2012

part 1 - gathered

Gathered. The other weekend we were all recovering from some winter ills and chills. We had spent all weekend indoors despite the weather being beautiful. I decided on Sunday afternoon that perhaps a walk would be a good way to brighten our mood. The kids were far from enthused, they didn't like the idea of walking, so I came up with a reason. To gather some sticks for a project we've had in mind for a while. Suddenly they were all go and off we went.

I knew the perfect place, a quick walk from our house. There are many large eucalyptus trees and they seem to lose a lot of small stick-like branches. We soon had a bag full and after a few impromptu sword fights and lots of "knight" role playing we were off, taking the long walk home.

I can report that we all felt lots better once we returned home, including the "daddy" who stayed at home for a quiet nap.

Part 2 - Made (next week)

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