Thursday, June 7, 2012

hammer hammer hammer!

This is another idea stolen from Pinterest. You can find the pin with a link tutorial here.This is one of a small collection of markers I made for my mother in law for her birthday. I also thought it would be good to have one in use too, rather than just give a collection of spoons. I found that little vintage ceramic pot at a local thrift store, it's nice and sunny with cute flowers on it, perfect for grey and gloomy day like today.

Spoons I found at a local thrift store, I haven't found any lovely ones like the ones in the tutorial yet, fingers crossed though! The stamping set required for the letters I got from Trademe, from this seller.

I definitely need to have a set of these in my herb garden, so I won't be given a small handful of mondo grass when I asked for chives!


  1. I have seen this idea somewhere before too, and thought they would be great to make. Yours look lovely! You have inspired me to put them on my "to-do" list.....

  2. oh, i love these! now i want to make some too :)
    p.s. thank you for your lovely and kind message on my blog. xx

  3. I think these look just great. Thanks so much for sharing and I am keen to have a go for myself and also a set for a gift for a special friend. Thanks again, Julie :-)

  4. Nice! I have been meaning to try make some for ages but can never justify buying the letter stamps. Plus the only one I'd need to make for my garden would say 'weeds'.

  5. I've just found your lovely blog! My son has been flattening spoons too! I haven't managed to find the alphabet stamps (I did check the seller on Trade Me, but they don't have any listed at the mo) I'll need to keep looking for them!


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