Sunday, December 11, 2011

*big sigh* The Auckland art and craft fair is done and dusted and what a great day! It was so busy that I didn't get a chance to check out many of the other stalls. I want to say a huge" thank you!" to everyone who stopped by to say hello (and those who couldn't make it and wished me well) and support me and of course the organisers too. It was much busier than the December fair last year, and I was blown away with the sales too (yay!!!!). My suitcase of goods was much lighter when it came time to pack up.

I did manage a few quick purchases though, from some neighbouring stall holders. I picked up some lovely 4ply cotton from Happy go knitty and some beautiful poppy cards by Melissa of Tiny Happy. I got a coaster from my neighbour stall holder, Rock and roller coasters - Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell, a big favourite of, can you guess? My two year old Son! My last purchase was a tea cup bird feeder for our garden, by Helen Kerrigan. we filled it with some alpine strawberries for the local birds. I hope they enjoy them :)

It's nice that it's all over now and I can concentrate on making some Christmas gifts for family and friends and start to relax a bit and enjoy the season!

Don't forget about my giveaway! Thanks to everyone who has commented so far, I'll draw the winners sometime late tomorrow.


  1. Glad it went so well! The danger of being in a room of handmades is the opportunity to spend what you earn!

  2. it was nice to see you again. thank you for my lovely gifts! :)


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