Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We had a fabulous weekend Pippins* trip to Paeroa where miss E was able to take part in all sorts of "Pioneering" type activities, she made a candle, wooden button, little boat, a Quill, made some butter, pikelets on an outdoor fire. She got a chance to dress up in period costume too and a ride on a paddle boat. It was lots of fun and the weather was perfect. When asked what her favourite activity was, "washing the clothes" was the reply! (that's her with her head down (and cap on) scrubbing away).

*Pippins is for girls aged 5 and 6 as part of the Girl Guides - A fabulous organisation!


  1. oh! can you PLEASE tell me where this is?? we are spending a week in Waihi at the end of Nov and my daughter would pass out if she could go here! :)


  2. That's adorable! When I was way way younger, I had a pioneer-themed birthday party. Three of my friends and I dressed up and rode a horse-drawn carriage around downtown and sang Christmas carols (my birthday is two days before Christmas). This post brings me back!

  3. cuuute!
    i always wanted to be a pippin :)


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