Monday, November 7, 2011


I've been so busy working on things for the markets that I've got coming up (and dare I say it Christmas) that I've been forgetting to pop in here and show you what I've been working on. I love all things Scandinavian, and I was inspired to make these crochet pendants. I must say they look much better in real life and yes my embroidery still looks very "rustic" in real life too! I'm planning to make some bigger ones to hang on our Christmas tree this year, hopefully my embroidery looks ok on a bigger scale!

Hope you had a good weekend ! I've got a few more new projects to share this week so see you tomorrow.


  1. I've been loving all the little pieces people are creating for the holidays, especially yours! What a gift to be able to share them with the world!

  2. i don't think they look rustic at all..just really gorgeous..i'm looking forward to seeing what else you make for christmas..


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