Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Recently my local Salvation Army store was overflowing with silver, framed needlepoint and some fabulous vintage fabric in pristine condition. I got the feeling that they all came from the same person and perhaps a deceased estate, which seemed really sad. All these lovely collections ending up there, but it was nice for me to have a peek through all the collections. I picked up a little something from each collection, a lovely framed needlepoint of nasturtiums, some amazing fabric that I'll share once I get back into sewing mode and this silver centerpiece. I've been looking for a centerpiece for sometime and never seen anything that I liked or any centerpieces for that matter. Anyway I thought that this was perfect for what I was looking for, it's got a bit in the middle for pushing flower stems through but it can also be removed if you want to fill it with something other than flowers or float a flower in the middle. We celebrated my husband's birthday last week and the kids loved eating by candlelight, so much so we have been eating by candlelight ever since!

I'm really looking forward to bringing it out lighting the candles at many more celebrations in the years ahead.


  1. years ago i read about a mum who was sick of chaotic meal times so she started turning the lights off and eating dinner by candle light with her family...and how peaceful meal times became as a result. interesting isn't it...

    i've always remembered that.


  2. That is a wonderful piece for your table. I am sure the previous owner would be happy with the new home you have given it.

    We eat by candlelight at every evening and also some lunch time meals. It is a tradition that started when my children began attending their Rudolf Steiner Playgroup. It really brings a lot of joy to the little people and some mindfulness and peace to our mealtimes.


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