Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was totally inspired by this post by Dee, about using a tray from the thrift store as a magnet board. This wasn't however what I had in mind while searching for one. I was looking for something that might look good with a makeover of mod podge and fabric, but I loved the design on this one so much I didn't have the heart to cover it up - so the hunt goes on. This lives in my pantry now, the perfect place for my shopping list and recipes to try. Things I want handy but not necessarily on the fridge for all to see. For a hanger I used "liquid nails" and a pull tab from a tin can. I have a warning though, while you wait for the "liquid nails" to dry to leave it anywhere near a curious five year old, needless to say it doesn't look as neat on the back as I would have hoped - lucky it's just the back huh?

See that little certificate at the bottom? Well I recently made a scarf for my neighbour from her Angora rabbit homespun yarn and at a national rabbit show she went to, entered it into the knit/crochet garment section. It won first prize! I was certainly amazed as I didn't even know that she was entering it. What a nice surprise.


  1. wow, congrats on first prize! that's wonderful

    ...and lucky you for finding a tin tray (that doesn't have a christmas scene on it!!)..i'm kind of addicted to using them as magnet boards (http://dee-construction.blogspot.com/2010/06/homecoming.html) so am always on the look out :)


  2. lol...I didnt even know myself till that morning, I meant to wear it and I ended up putting it into the competition. Its so lovely and everybody commented at how nice it is. Well done Louana, its my favourite scarf! Your magnet board looks great. What an idea. :-)

  3. Congratulations on being the recipient of a national prize!

    Love the magnetic board.


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