Thursday, December 23, 2010

that's a wrap

I've been busy this season sewing bags to use instead of paper wrapping paper. I've made a few different types some like this ( that I've given away already and didn't take any photos!) and some like the one above, just a simple unlined bag with some ribbon sewn into the seam. This fabric is a linen with a kind of metallic thread running through it, not too glitzy but enough to get a Christmas feel. Soule Mama wrote a little bit about the fabric bags she makes here with instructions if you want to make some. I really hope that the people I give them too will tuck them away and use them again next Christmas.

When miss E and I were at Spotlight recently she spotted a free pattern for some Christmas puddings, I've made up three to put under the tree for her, she loves to play kitchen's with pretend food whipping up all sorts of meals, I think these will be a hit! Especially as she picked the pattern out!


  1. The puddings look fab. Can you point me to the pattern?

  2. I also read Amanda's post over on soulemama and thought it was a GREAT idea. Unlike me though, you're actually doing it!! Maybe next year now that all my ugly old wrapping paper is used up. Your gift bags are so much lovelier than paper. Really.


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