Thursday, November 25, 2010

tag it

I want to give some home made (home grown) strawberry jam this year for Christmas. I don't want to gift wrap the whole jar so I came up with these little tags. I crocheted granny square machine stitched to two circles of white felt. One side has a hole cut out and paper inserted to write a little message on. Why didn't I stitch all the way around? Well if you take the ribbon off the top you can pop a new piece of paper in for next year! Hopefully the recipients will reuse them.
If you wanted to make something similar but can't crochet, check out thrift stores for crochet doilies, they would look great stitched on to red felt or even a forest green. I might get out my doilies and make some more. I think they would look great on a Christmas tree, maybe with a photo instead of a written message.

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