Monday, November 29, 2010


Each year I like to donate some things to the Salvation Army Christmas appeal. They have a large box in our local library where people can donate food, toys and other things for people in need of some Christmas cheer. Each year they get lots of things for small children, but often the older children aren't in the minds of those who are donating. Bearing this in mind, this year I hope to donate some gifts to cater to this "tween" age group. I'm sewing up some little lined zip purses and putting some cosmetics and maybe a few chocolates inside. If you are like me and accumulate a number of beauty products through the year, from gifts with purchase, free samples and other gifts, maybe you would consider doing the same? If you find you do have some products that you don't need I'd love to include them in my purses, you can email me if you are interested in helping out. No good deed should go unrewarded so anyone who sends me something to include, I will return the favour and send them a little something.


  1. What a fabulous idea! I'll have a nosey around and see if I can find anything. Unfortunately, I usuall give things like that to my Mum, she's obsessed with beauty products...

  2. louana, i love this idea! you are a thoughtful crafter. i will see what i can find too..


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