Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was very lucky to attend high tea at Henri & Co yesterday afternoon. It was divine! and a very special treat. It was like all my tea party dreams had come at once, delicious food, beautiful setting and great company. I can highly recommend it so if you are every heading to Pukekohe it would be a good idea to book in. Now I need to find an excuse to go again.

Congratulations to Stella who is the winner of my little etsy giveaway, I'll be in touch very soon Stella.

Hope the wild weather over the weekend hasn't caused any damage to you or your family. I lost a lot of my broad bean plants but that was all thankfully. I"ll be glad once all this wind and rain is over.


  1. Oh how lovely. That looks like heaven!!
    Sorry to hear about your broad bean plants. I haven't been out to check our garden damage yet. Been too busy dealing with the damage caused by a present the cat brought me (if you visit my blog, you'll see what I mean!)

  2. Really, where in Puke? is it new? I didn't hear about it when we were home at Christmas, otherwise I would totally have loved to have gone, i will never forget having high tea at The Ritz in London, high teas are so decadent!!

  3. Hi Jacqui, it's in the old Doc Beggs building behind McD's. It is quite new and at Christmas time it was still in the main street (old urban country shop) and not operating as it is now. Well worth a try when you are next over. High tea at the Ritz sounds amazing, lucky you.

  4. That sounds like something I should do as a treat :) I live in Puke, but didn't know that henri&co did high tea!!



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