Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I thought it was about time to write about what has been happening in my winter garden, short answer, not much. Apart from the broccoli it's all a bit disappointing, of the 6 cabbages I planted only one looks like it will reach a decent size the others have all been eaten by caterpillars and the like. The artichoke pictured above soon after that picture was taken seemed to just rot away from the base down and so too did all the others on the plant. The Brussels sprouts are the size of my thumb nail and don't really look like they are getting any bigger. So it's a good thing that all the broccoli is doing well, in fact there is only one head left! We have been having it mostly in a frittata simple and delicious and egg seems to be a great way to hide some veges that don't seem to get eaten other wise. This winter was my first time trying to grow some winter vegetables and it hasn't really put me off having another go next year. But I do admit to be looking forward to the summer growing season as I seem to have more luck in the summer time. What's growing in your garden now?

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  1. yum, your broccoli looks amazing! good job. nothing much is growing in our garden at the moment, (except herbs and some stray peas from the pea straw.) but i hope to get planting soon.


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