Friday, May 7, 2010


Over the last few weeks I've been collecting guavas on our walk to preschool. There are two large trees on the walk and I pick up a few each day. Today I had finally filled a large container in the freezer and decided to make some jam. It was a mixture of the red guavas and the yellow ones the fall from our neighbour's tree over the fence to below our washing line. Mainly red "guilty" guavas because this year the yellow ones seem to be eaten by the birds and very few are making it onto the ground without big holes in them. I feel ever so guilty about picking up the red guavas on our preschool walk, but if they are out on the footpath and no one is picking them up what a waste, right? I think guavas must have a high pectin content because I never have any problem getting it to set, I think it should be the only type of jam I ever make. Yum.


  1. i believe they call it urban foraging and its completely legit !! they look gorgeous on your windowsill :)

  2. I too wouldn't have any guilt! Wouldn't it be more wasteful to leave them there on the pavement to rot?!!!! I've never eaten a guava let alone guvav jam but it looks delicious! x

  3. Hi Louana,

    I recently discovered your blog and love to read about your adventures. So lovely!

    My little Sofia loves to go foraging down a driveway near our home for fallen feijoas. Sometime we do that just for fun in the afternoon. I often wondered what I would say if someone saw us filling our pockets/buggy with the fruit. But then I figure that is is better than rotting on the ground!

    So, I say good on you for saving them for yummy jam!

  4. Hi - I'm into 'urban foraging' too - this year I have managed to make orange pickle, plum jam & sauce and pear chutney, all from free fruit. Makes it taste better, don't you think ?


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