Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A work in progress, it was the last day of November when I decided to make an advent calendar for miss E. I was given a beautiful felt table runner a few years ago, it never made it to the table but I've had it decorating one of our doors ever since. It seemed like the perfect backdrop for 24 little bags of treats. I made the bags out of some festive looking tea towels, they are without numbers this year but hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around next year I'll have some numbers on them. I popped some natural sweets in them and a few little notes with special treats written down, like making play dough, going to the park, feeding the ducks and other things I know she loves to do. The patience of a three year old is limited and while I wasn't looking a few extra bags got opened up this morning, Christmas is getting closer!


  1. I love to see and hear of the traditions people make for their families. Your last lines made me smile "Christmas is getting closer" : )

  2. What a fantastic idea having treats to do as well as to eat inside your advent calendar. It connects the treats to one of the great things about Christmas... spending time with family. I'll definately be doing something similar next year with my girls.


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