Saturday, November 7, 2009

friday finds - a day late

A little raspberry stealing monster came to visit on friday, eating any raspberries that were pink, or even only slightly pink! Rather the little monster than blackbirds.

This week I managed to get a few pair of summer pants sewn for miss E, some vintage sheets and some old clothes were used. Do you think it's too "von Trapp" to have your daughter running about in pants made of vintage sheets? She loves them so it shouldn't matter really I suppose. A friend of a friend was moving house and getting rid of a lot of old clothes. I was asked if I was interested in having a look before they were given to charity. Most were from the early 90's and rather out of date, however they were mostly long dresses and skirts with mountains of fabric just perfect for sewing for little ones with. I've made four pairs of pants so far which should be a good amount for getting dirty in at preschool. I feel quite good recycling fabric in this way, I read such horrible statistics about growing cotton and all the chemicals involved to get the clothes to the stores in the first place, so if we can make these textiles last longer (and buy less in the process) it's got to be good.


  1. I think the floral pants are so cute. I've been making a picnic blanket (from handmade home) this weekend. The binding is taking me ages! I didn't have many sheets to choose from so it wasn't too hard to decide ;o)

  2. p.s. do you know that you have word verification on your comments? You probably do but I discovered that my blog had put it in for me and the grandparents (the main blog readers) found it tricky.

  3. I didn't know! thanks Meg, hopefully it's all fixed now. Good luck with the binding, things like that always take me ages too.

  4. This is so great! And I love the pants, Von Trapp and all.


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