Saturday, October 3, 2009


wishing the weather was better so I could take these feet and blanket to the beach........

wishing, this was my front lawn, it looks so magical with it's carpet of flowers.........

wishing, I had more time to work on this quilt for Mr A .......... & wishing you a happy weekend.
p.s. there is still time to leave a comment for the tiki giveaway, I'm drawing it tomorrow.


  1. Yes, that lawn is magical! I love the spring trees in bloom - here it is jacarandas that coat the grass - and the very air is purple with their blooms. We've not had good beach weather here either - horrible windy. Wishing for good beach weather and have a lovely weekend :-)

  2. That lawn is so gorgeous. That is a place that i could get lost in.

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, get some quilting done, and have the weather be perfect :)


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