Monday, March 31, 2014

Bundraiser day

I'm a sucker for fundraising edibles, if you turned up at my door with some chocolate, told me it was for a school trip, I'd be buying some. It's a win/win right? Something yummy and for a good cause! It's the same thing at Easter time, with the Bakers Delight Bundraiser day on Saturday April the 5th. 

Every packet of 6 Bakers Delight Hot Cross buns purchased on April the 5th equals $1 donated to the Starship Foundation. The aim this year is to raise $3000 and I can't think of a better cause than the Starship Foundation

Bakers Delight generously sent me two different types of Hot Cross buns to try. I had them delivered to work and shared them around! I wrapped up a couple in bright serviettes to pop into pigeon holes as a surprise for lunchtime.

I love the traditional ones, the spice blend is perfect and the chocolate ones are a hit with my kids (and husband). They disappeared pretty quickly.

There are over 31 Bakers Delight stores across New Zealand, so hopefully there is one near you!

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  1. Traditional ones .... mmmm not so much my bag, but the chocolate ones, yum! Great cause :) x


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