Tuesday, August 13, 2013

for notes

My Felt shop has been stocked with a bunch of my embroidered linen notebooks. Made using pre-loved vintage linens, working around the stains and holes. I particularly love how the front and back covers form a little pocket that you can tuck notes and receipts etc, very handy. The notebooks are a standard size so the cover can be used over and over again, I love that too, reduce, reuse, recycle and all that. I always keep one in my bag, perfect for jotting down all sorts of notes, but if I'm honest it's mainly used for the kids to draw pictures if we ever have to wait anywhere. The make a great gift too - not too bulky for sending overseas or locally for that matter.


  1. As you know I have a couple of these little notebooks and they are fantastic. So beautiful AND practical. My little girl loves to draw pictures in them when I am not looking ;) One of them is a permanent fixture in my handbag.... I might have to grab another while they are available as they make lovely gifts. L xx

  2. So sweet there would make awesome gifts...

  3. Yay! I just wrote a quick post about my day, and that I'm drawing your giveaway friday, and i linked to your note books and a reader just commented on my blog that they bought one! Woo! XO

  4. I love love love mine
    thank you so so so much


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