Friday, June 14, 2013

for the boy

There was lots of jealousy over the hooded jacket I made for miss E to take on our weekend away. So, quite quickly once we returned I made this jacket for my boy (4 and a half years - not 4 years old any more he tells me).

The outer blue fabric is from a cashmere jacket/coat I thrifted a few years ago, ahem, it was just $2, in perfect condition and I loved the deep royal blue colour. It's sat in my coat cupboard ever since, waiting for a make over. I've often pulled it out, wondering what I was going to do with it, luckily I waited, well, cause it's just perfect for this jacket! I unpicked all the seams, I cut out the pattern pieces carefully, there was just enough, minus the hood which I cut out of a felted jumper. I made use of the beautifully constructed and lined pockets of the original jacket, making it looked like I slaved over the details, also making it look like I'm a MUCH better seamstress than I actually am.

The lining fabric, was gifted to me earlier in the year at Fabric-a-brac, generously by the lovely Anissa from the Grow Mama blog (thanks again Anissa!). It's a  thick brushed cotton the sort you'd make some pyjamas from, I cut one of the little yellow bulldozers out of the fabric to embellish the front a little. The jacket is so super snugly and warm, perfect for wearing on the back of my bicycle as I ride him to preschool! He loves it.

* The pattern for the hooded jacket is from Sweet and simple handmade - by Melissa Wastney 


  1. It's adorable! I love that you could roll the sleeves down a bit as he grows.

  2. I recognised that fabric from the first shot! Fabulous jacket Louana...lucky little looks so very warm and comfy and I LOVE those colours. Great idea to use images from the flannel to embellish. They work really well on a felt board too FYI!

  3. ooohhhhh I have a red woollen jacket that has just come out of my wardrobe - you are giving me ideas

  4. It's gorgeous! it's no wonder he loves it!

  5. That is so sweet :)) Oh I miss my boys when they were little :(
    And his sisters coat is so lovely too!! No wonder he was jealous x


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