Saturday, March 2, 2013


 It wasn't the week I expected, or planned for that matter. But here we are nearly at the end of it, which is, to be honest a relief. The highlight of the week was getting a lovely parcel in the mail, from Miriam (my secret scrap fabric swap partner). A lovely tote with a doily and "hope" embroidered on it - it's already in use Miriam! The bag was filled with some lovely fabric scraps, Miriam must have known that I've got hardly any boyish scraps and included some great car pieces, I particularly love the seersucker piece with the yellow and red cars. There were also some sweet treats tucked in the parcel too! The disappeared into little mouths before I had a chance to photograph them. Thanks again Miriam - you made my week!


  1. Oh thanks so much Louana for your high praise. I was hoping you would be happy with such 'boysih' offerings. Mostly from my great Aunt's originally :o)

  2. Ah fantastic! Glad this year worked out for you - the cars are super cool too. Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

  3. i hope this week is a better one- what lovely gifts! take care and keep enjoying this golden weather : )


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