Thursday, July 5, 2012

bubble snakes!

These holidays have been cold and the kids have been getting over some winter time bugs, so lots of outdoor play hasn't been high on our to do list. I remembered this idea from pinterest - you can find the pin here. I didn't have any small drink type bottles to try it with, but I did have some empty milk bottles. It worked really well and the kids had a great time playing away, out the window! Yip it was still a bit cold for them this morning. I'm sure it would work lots better if you did have a smaller "juice" type bottle as it took quite a big breath to make a "bubble snake" with the big milk bottles, also with a smaller bottle you could use a rubber band to hold on the towel rather than the tape that I used. That would make it a reusable bubble maker . I will make some of these again over the summer months I'm sure the kids will enjoy them again.


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