Tuesday, May 8, 2012

keeping warm

I start thinking of making crocheted slippers as soon as the weather cools. They are a fast crochet project with almost instant results and the definite bonus of having warm feet is a big plus! I've made a couple of pairs so far and I've got a few more planned for some friends in need of warm toes. I used this pattern I bought from etsy. I've got quite a few other crochet slipper patterns that I've bought from this local etsy seller too, these ones are my favourite and I think I'll make some of them next.

The top ones I crocheted for me using some Alpaca yarn that my neighbour hand spun for me (thanks again Kerstin), they are lovely and soft. The light grey ones I made for my neighbour from some of her hand spun Angora rabbit yarn and they are even softer!!!! I also crocheted a double thickness sole so hopefully they will last a little longer.


  1. These are gorgeous - those angora ones look incredibly soft and fluffy. Yum.

  2. oh these look lovely. we need to go slipper shopping soon...it's starting to get COLD :(

  3. Thank you so much for those slippers Louana, they live on my couch ready to put on when it gets cold. I love them! :-) The Alpaca ones look beautiful too.

  4. Those slippers are just gorgeous !! ! I can imagine how comfy they must feel on your feet. Definately warm cosy toes in those. Julie :-)

  5. hand spun alpaca wool. lush!

    love my crochet slippers. and love that they can double as bed socks too.

    rachel xo

  6. Love, love those slippers they look gorgeous!


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