Thursday, October 13, 2011


This was my favourite sculpture from the sculpture trail at the Auckland Botanic gardens on the weekend. A carpet of flowers made with "caution/danger/keepout" tape and plastic bags and what looks like a green twine. No surprises that this "needlecraft" sculpture was my favourite, I loved how it looked so different from a distance compared to close up. The artist is Mia Hamilton and I found a link to another "needlecraft" inspired sculpture that she did here, giant french knitting! Amazing. Makes me want to sculpture a GIANT Doily like this one, or maybe decorate a tree like this .

p.s - just found this little article on Mia too


  1. wow, that IS amazing! and the giant french knitting is genius!
    thanks for sharing~


  2. That french knitting is awesome. I've been thinking lately..what is going to happen with all these rugby world cup flags? Something like this could be a constructive up-cycling mission waiting to happen??/ xxx

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  4. Oh Louana, this is amazing. I just received your generous parcel of lovely goodies from NZ, thank you so very much. I'm just finishing up your parcel & will post when one last thing arrives, sorry for the delay. My 4 children are loving the cool NZ money, maps, pencils & chocolate treats. Thank you!! Have a gorgeous day, love Posie

  5. oh woww this is genius!!! i love the materials! i REALLY love the giant french knitting sculpture too eee so cool! :) xkim


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