Friday, September 23, 2011


I used to think that florals were a bit stuffy and dare I say it "granny" like. But my tastes have changed a bit over the years and I'm a bit kinder to florals these days. At this time of year it's hard to escape flowers and the images of them. I finally found a stool to recover at the thrift store. I was going to paint the legs of the stool white but in the interest of time and budget constraints, I'm learning to like the unpainted legs. I've had this needlepoint for quite a while (thrifted of course) and unfortunately it wasn't quite big enough to cover the stool. So I added a bit of denim on one end. Now I just have to find the perfect spot for it.

The weather was nice and sunny today, making me want to get out and get stuck into the garden. There are definite signs of that burst of Spring growth starting, not long now till the garden comes out of hibernation.

Happy weekend!


  1. Love it! (unpainted legs and all!)

  2. what a great little seat! love the idea to recover it with an old tapestry. fab.
    i hope you have a lovely birthday today and get lots of treats.


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