Thursday, March 24, 2011


Miss E and I collected a big bag of guavas from a nearby garden (a neighbour of a relative that I rang to ask first - I didn't just forrage for them this time). While we were picking them up I looked into the tree, there I spied this little nest filled with ...... Guavas! It looked so cute but I didn't get my camera out as my hands were rather sticky with ripe guavas. So we gently picked it out of the tree to take home. We have been looking for a little nest for our nature corner but haven't been able to find one, I even crocheted one a long time ago to fill the gap.

I made the jam tonight, I've never had much luck making jelly and it seems to leave so much behind. But to be honest I've not had a lot of luck with jam either, fingers crossed this batch sets.

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  1. Guava jelly is so delicious... Since moving house a few weeks ago we don't have access to the tree that was growing over the fence anymore ;) Hope it sets for you! Yum.


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